More Jewish Art

Eli has created various creative items for Jewish communities of all sorts. He is an expert at combining a contemporary and refined aesthetic  with innovative tactile design solutions all brought together by understanding of and excitement about traditional and spiritual rituals.

“I feel so excited by the intricacies and quirkiness of Jewish ritual and traditions. Almost as excited as I am by design and typography. I love passing on my enthusiasm and ideas - what does your community need? Let’s create something beautiful together.”

Eli Kaplan Wildmann
Artist & Designer
  • Eli specializes in tactile objects that connect spirituality and ceremony with a modern outlook on design. His creations invite interaction, questions and wonder - exactly what we hope Judaism inspires.

  • Video content brings ideas to life. Eli creates videos that pair teaching with interactive, at-home crafts, with participants creating ritual objects that are unique to them while still connected to the community.

  • Get in touch to see what Eli can offer your community, or look below to find a few additional projects and collaborations from the past few years.