Eli KW

Eli Kaplan Wildmann is an artist who creates for theater, urban installations, and tactile visual books. His creations have reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, reimagining what books can be. He produces, directs and designs musicals and has worked on theater productions from Broadway to floating on a barge Off-Off-Broadway.

Eli loves teaching - he has worked in schools, camps, and at facilitating workshops. He volunteered with various LGBT organizations and is the proud co-parent of a wonderful daughter.

Create Unbound Classes

Create Unbound is a series of online classes that combine art history with at-home crafting. The six classes within each "season" explore a single idea’s progression through history.

Our first season of six classes is about how the use of shapes has evolved in the past hundred years. Though geometry lies under everything an artist creates, sometimes it’s brought to the forefront. From Cubism through Art Deco and Mid Century Modern design, we’ll see how basic shapes were central to these movements, culminating in the revolutionary work of contemporary Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid, the first woman to win architecture’s major awards.

Unbound Books

We have created many tactile, visual books for spiritual programs. Click below to see works that we have done in the past as well as how we can collaborate on a project that is right for your community.

THE Haggadah & More
Unbound Books