Portable Ark

Created for Central Synagogue in Manhattan, this pop-up ark was sent to every member of the community during the first year High Holiday services were conducted over Zoom.

The four sides of the Portable Ark each express a different function of a synagogue in our lives - study and prayer; justice; reflection; and memory. A small booklet accompanied the Ark as well - The Book Of Life.

At the back of the Ark there is a spot to insert a cellphone, with the flashlight facing upwards, filling the Ark - and the space it is in - with holy light.

Each side has a quote as well as a question. Here we see the quote “Light shines on the just” with the question - why does the Talmud state that we must pray in a space with windows?

After filling it with hopes and intentions, The Book Of Life is inserted into the special pocket inside the Ark, bringing out the patterned cutout.