My Pride Coloring Book

Create Proudly

I want you to see your own family reflected in this coloring book. You should be excited to give your kids creative activities you find!
This free PDF comes with seven pages to color in, as well as a fun story to read once all the pages are done. Enjoy and be proud.
Share online with #createunbound once you have finished.

“As a gay parent, as a designer, and as an educator, I think creativity is super important in raising kids. But even more important is for our kids see themselves and their families as beautiful and worthy of celebration. I’m starting right here - this coloring book that I designed is a little story, six pages of happiness and affirmation. Color it in, send this link to friends, and fill the world with the message of family pride."

Eli Kaplan Wildmann

Watch the book being developed and listen to its story.

As a parent I’m sure you’re aware of the values you pass down to your kids through the books and toys you give them. After searching with no luck for the perfect coloring book, I decided to create my own. And of course, I feel every family (queer or allies) should have it. Click below to access the full quality book. It reflects all families and values, including yours.

Get the book that your kids deserve to create with.